Best Fashion and Beauty Blog Website Name Ideas

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Selecting the right name for your beauty and fashion website is one of the most critical steps in establishing authority in your niche. The website name is the first thing your potential visitors will see and should therefore be capable of attracting their attention and sticking in their minds. A website name should also make it easier to market a site on different channels.

Are you are looking for website name ideas for your new fashion and beauty blog? Here are some simple but effective ideas.

(a) Brainstorm

Brainstorming is a crucial first step in naming fashion and beauty blogs. When you brainstorm, you will not only discover a huge number of website name ideas, but will also generate a mass of content topics for your website. In fact, brainstorming for website name ideas is one of the best ways of ensuring that your eventual domain name is effective and relevant for your content. Therefore, start the search for your blog’s name by picking a big blank paper and writing everything that comes to mind as you brainstorm. From all the jumble of disconnected words, you may easily pull together a unique name that represents your website’s purpose, style and content.

(b) Be a keen observer

Website name ideas for beauty and fashion blogs can also come from what you read, listen to, or watch frequently. In fact, browsing through a bookshelf, reading fashion magazines, watching films, listening to favorite songs or even just watching television can be source of inspiration not only for the name of your website, but also for the content you post. Make sure to note down any ideas as soon as you observe or identify them.

(c) Consider your location and experience

Great website name ideas are sometimes derived from a person’s location and personal or professional experience. For instance, your favorite street, beach, city, region or state can be a remarkable source of inspiration for creating a blog name. There are also several location-based sources of inspiration when naming your website, including neighborhood nicknames, parks, languages, local vegetables and fruits, river names and mountain ranges, among others. For example, SingaCuts can be a great name for a blog on popular haircuts in Singapore. Similarly, a beauty website’s name can be inspired by your best traits, services or style. For example, you can use a literal identifier (such as The Man Groomer) or descriptive words (such as Young, Married & Hot) to name your blog.

(d) Make something up

When you simply cannot find the right words, it is time to coin some for your website. This can be quite tricky, but you can share your new words with your friends and workmates to find out if the words will be clearly understood. Good examples of made-up words turned into blog names are Fashionologie, Denimology, Glamourai and Beutica.


(e) Identify a short and sweet name

After brainstorming and turning to your experiences, location and creative self for website name ideas; it is now time to choose a name. The foremost thing to remember at this stage is that a fashion and beauty blog should have a short and catchy name that will not only be easy to remember, but will also generate instant interest. Ideally, a website domain name should be 1-3 words, with a 2-word name being considered the best. While there is no proven formula for creating a blog name, a short and sweet title will pop and stick with your potential audience.

(f) Choose easy words and go beyond buzzwords

When naming your fashion and beauty blog, you must also remember that it is not what is good for you that matters but what is ideal for your audience. You need to make the name as easy as possible for your prospects to use by picking easy words, particularly words that are commonly used in the industry or ones that are easy to remember. And when you decide to use buzzwords, such as style, chic, cool, beauty or fashion, you need to remember that they are getting worn-out through overuse and need to be freshened up with creative twists when used. Think outside the box and make the buzzwords count in your blog name, like in the names Fashiona-Boom or Chicgal.

(g) Ensure the name is memorable

Lastly, the domain name for a beauty and fashion website must be memorable if it is to be effective. There is a lot of competition in the beauty and fashion industry with several websites competing for the attention of the same audiences. Hence, you need a unique and memorable website name that will help your prospects to easily find your site on search results and during subsequent visits. Besides, a memorable name that suits your content or style will not only stand out, but will also give you an edge over the competition. You can make the name memorable by going for something that is either simple or quirky.

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