Why is Temperature So Important When Vaporizing Cannabis?

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When vaporizing, you can usually regulate temperature of the device to some degree, enabling you to adjust the experience. Thus, you can experience the full variety of flavors and aromas of Dank vapes that are impossible to perceive when smoked.

Why is Temperature So Important When Vaporizing Cannabis?

Likewise that you can stimulus the flavor of your marijuana with different temperatures, you can similarly regulate the strength of the high. Most cannabinoids are produced when vaping at high temperatures, which creates a more powerful and faster high. If you desire a gentler high, set the vaping device to a temperature of around 150 °C. For a slightly stronger effect, raise temperature to an average of 166-187 °C. If you’re looking for maximum power, go for the maximum temperature. But do not exceed 229 °C, as this temperature is close to the combustion temperature, and will reduce the strength and flavor of your marijuana. Order the top quality vaping products from Weed Dispensary Online today.

Importance of temperature for vaporizing cannabis

A 2009 study looked at the special effects of vaporization at different ranges of temperatures. For this study, the researchers used cannabis at three temperatures: 170 °C, 200 °C and 230 °C, calculating the ratio of cannabinoids to by-products (in other words, the degree of purity) of the vapor for each temperature.

Even at greater temperature, steam was found to contain significantly less toxicity than smoke. The research also revealed that most healing cannabinoids, cannabichromene (CBC), are produced at just under the burning temperature of 232 °C.

However, your personal preferences could be different. If you like more flavor or like a bit lower high, vape at less temperatures. So, if you like to try vaping for first time, make sure you select a vaping device that allows you to adjust the temperature. Thus, you can make the most of all the advantages that vaporization offers.

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