Different Types of Hats for Men & Women

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Hats have been used for a very long time for different reasons. The primary reason behind wearing hats is that it protects you from sun rays. But now, they are widely used as a fashion accessory to add a sophisticated touch to your personality. They come in different styles and shapes, and you can easily pick your favorite one. There’re a number of hat production (รับผลิตหมวก, which is the term in Thai) companies out there, who are in a competition to exceed others.  The following types are considered the most common ones that you may want to take a look at:

Plain Straw Hat

This is one of the most commonly seen hats. It’s also known as the Panama Hat and widely made in Ecuador. It has an extended rim together with a deep crown to offer more stability. You can go with this hat if you’re going to an outdoor trip.

Baseball Hat

Baseball hats are made from cotton material and come in a number of different colours, including red, yellow and bottle green. You can also custom design these hats, depending on your preferences. The crow is rounded and the brim is quite stiff and projects out. This type is worn by both women and men most commonly in the US.

Breton Hat

This hat was particularly worn by Breton agricultural staffs in the Northwest of France. It first burst onto the scene in 19th century. The crown is rounded and the rim is tapered aloft.  It’s designed especially for women.

Akubra Men Hat

The main feature of this hat is that the crown has dents on both sides and the brim is wide. It’s also known for its bush hat that is manufactured by an Australian company.

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