Bralette – How To Use It And Why Is It So Successful?

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Bralette is a reinterpretation of bras from the 20s and 30s, which had a simpler modeling, without rims, without cups and few accessories. This new lace bralettes have delicate and sophisticated fabrics, giving a greater charm to the piece.

lace bralettes

Bralette Models:

Bralette Model Bra: This models does not have a wide base, just an elastic wrapping the part below the bust. Some have no clasps and others have front or back clasps.

Bralette Model Top: These have a wide lace base that varies from 8 to 16 cm. Most do not have clasps.

Bralette Strappy Model: This model has straps on the bust or back to be displayed.

Bralettes are so versatile that you can use them in many ways. You can assemble anything from a basic to a sophisticated look.

See some suggestions on how to use yours and look super beautiful!

Bralette with Tank Top: You can combine the Bralette with tank tops of various styles, with a lot or little hollow, it will depend on your taste. The goal is to leave the piece on display, even a little bit.

Bralette with Transparency: This combination is very sexy and makes the fatal woman style. After Bralettes, there were also tulle blouses to be worn with a nice top or bra underneath.

Bralette with Blazer: This for me is a sexy and elegant combination. A blazer with a Top Lace Bralette is perfect!

Fabric Bralettes: The passion for bralettes has become so serious that there are already fabric models such as: Velvet, Mesh and even Crochet. These models can even be used as a blouse to match jeans. It looks great!

Lingerie Sets: Bralettes are also very sensual and a good choice for couples! You can find sexy lace lingerie sets with the Bralette model bra. There are some inspirations for you to spice up your moment for two!

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