How to Choose the Best Swim Crop Top Bralette

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Whether you’re stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, or swimming in the pool, you need swimwear that fits, moves with you, and stays in place.

Finding the right active swimwear comes down to several personal decisions

How active you want to be, how much support you need, or how much skin you want to show.

Our wide range of swimwear styles, patterns, and silhouettes make it easy to find an attractive and functional suit.


Consider these four factors when choosing a swimsuit for your favourite water activity

Choose your swimsuit style based on your activity. However, on this site, you can see more about how you can move and how much sunlight you get while exploring your choices.

For example, if you spend a lot of time under the waves, choose a one-piece suit or a top with a racerback or thick crossover straps to keep your suit safe.

Determine the degree and location of protection required. For example, if he plans to spend the day sunbathing and snorkelling at the beach, choose a rash guard and board shorts that he can wear over one when he’s ready to get sporty.

Limit your sun exposure with a bikini.

Decide what fabrics and design feature you need. The quick-drying fabric makes it easy to transition from playing in the water to lounging by the pool.

A zippered board short pocket is handy for storing essentials while paddleboarding.

Find a Comfortable Swimming Style

We want you to spend more time focusing on water activities and less time adjusting your pants and keeping your top in place. Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to try on the suit and move around to find one that fits well and to make sure it doesn’t ride up. from

Types of swim crop top bralette

Women’s one-piece suits:

These have come a long way in both style and function. One-piece suits for most active styles stay in place better than two-piece suits, which is why scuba diving, body surfing and stand-up are Suitable for sports.

This involves spending time in and out of the water, such as paddle boarding water dives and waves.

If you plan to lap or swim competitively, you can opt for a form-fitting crossover streamlined suit designed for minimal effort and drag in the water.

Women’s Two-Piece Suits

Swim tops and bottoms sold separately make it easy to customize a two-piece suit for your watersports and body type.

Many active brands design high-performance two-piece suits suitable for many water sports.

A two-piece suit is more comfortable than a one-piece suit, even for a bathroom break.


Swimsuits often offer layering possibilities to help regulate body temperature and daytime exposure.

You can start in a bikini top in the morning and slip on a rash guard or swim trunks when the afternoon sun beats you down. After paddling, change into board shorts or a sunscreen hoodie.

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