What to Wear on Christmas Day: Outfit Ideas for Christmas and Beyond

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Thanksgiving in America is over, and holiday shows, carols, and decorations have started creeping into streets and shopping malls across the country. But no matter how much you want to prepare for the holidays mentally, it can be a little overwhelming.

Even if you’re looking for something you can’t buy to surprise, it might be time to check out some tremendous personalized Christmas gifts. In the meantime, you can look at some of the Christmas Shirts at Southern Recollection. In this article, we’ll look at the top Christmas t-shirt design ideas to print for your perfect Christmas tradition.


  1. Classic Vacation T-Shirt

Everyone loves a funny Christmas t-shirt, but sometimes the humour or mood isn’t right. That’s where the classic Christmas shirt design comes in. One of his favourites that we created for our customers is a traditional Christmas saying. Let’s take the very simple “Have a Merry Christmas”.

Yes, you can put this on a t-shirt, and he can take a day off, but let’s say you want to spice it up a bit. Adding holly and a faux holiday tag to your shirt gives you an excellent idea for a Christmas shirt that works in any situation and is also the perfect Christmas shirt for a messy office Christmas party.

  1. Vintage Funny Christmas Design

As mentioned above, sometimes you want to be funny, and it’s never a bad idea to make fun of someone going to a party and using a vintage t-shirt to create a vintage Christmas t-shirt. In that case, let’s lighten up the classic “I’m stupid” mantra a bit. Imagine a two-tone vintage T-shirt with red and green lettering. The letters say “Dear Santa, and They are the Naughty Ones”, and the arrow points away from you.

  1. The Snuggler

We’ve all heard about cuff season. The holidays are a great way to snuggle up and get comfortable with your new man or woman. The Snuggler is perfect for those looking to stay warm on chilly winter nights. Best option. One of her top designs seen last year was her play on one of her most popular Christmas carols.

This great Christmas shirt idea is about cuddles and starts with the design. We’ve seen solid t-shirts, but if you’re looking for something more modern, a two-tone long-sleeve t-shirt might be the way to go. “Baby, it’s cold outside” was written on the shirt in chic handwriting.

  1. The Millennial Generation

We’ve seen the current generation turn into their 20s and hate their 30s, but as the current millennial generation, you’d better embrace it. We liked it so much that we named it the Millennial Christmas T-shirt. This funny Christmas t-shirt is all about the current phenomenon of sleeping bitch faces.

Some have it, some don’t, but if you have it, you better embrace it while you’re on vacation! And it’s something we’ve always loved. A shirt with a simple design and the text “Resting Grinch Face.” Its simplicity is perfect; you can see if your heart can grow a few sizes before the big day!

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