Polo Shirt: How to Wear and What to Avoid

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The polo shirt no longer lives its heyday in the world of men’s fashion, but the piece is far from having lost its value and is still mandatory in any man’s closet.

The use of polo shirt is not the most complicated, even because it is a great joker in the masculine visual. But there are some things that cannot be done with it. We’ve prepared a guide for you to know how to wear and what to avoid when it’s time to wear the cheap polo shirts (เสื้อโปโล ราคาถูก, which is the term in Thai).


Size is important because it follows a certain pattern of style: neither too big nor too fair. Too big is ugly, falling on the pants and creating a loose look. Too tight is too much and denounces the extra pounds in some cases.

Colors, stripes and details

A very common style of polo shirt is rugby, with pieces that refer to the uniforms of the British teams. But beware: do not overdo it in the mix of colors, details, stripes and numbers.


Necklaces, bracelets and accessories do not match much with the polo shirt, which has more classic style. One of the only accessories allowed and that even increase the use of the piece is the watch, especially if it has traditional design.


The belt is an auxiliary piece in your look and you will not want to draw attention to it. Bet on very simple belts with discreet buckles and more neutral colors.

Overlapping parts

A cool option for your look is the overlap of parts. Sweater, cardigan and even a heavier jacket over the pole work well. The blazer can also match, but prefer using it with a social shirt or plaid. Important: Never wear a T-shirt under the polo shirt.

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