7 Things You Should Know Before Exfoliating Your Skin

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Exfoliation is a good way to cleanse the skin from its dead cells, giving it a smooth, lively look. Without regular exfoliation, the skin can look dull and lifeless, and even wearing makeup might be able to bring radiance to your face. To help you understand about exfoliation, we list seven things you must know about the process.


Natural Exfoliation

A human being’s skin is capable of naturally exfoliating itself. And this does happen once every 25 days for most of the early years. But starting around 30 years of age, your skin’s ability to renew itself will begin to slow down. As a result, the complexion of the face may become dull and there will be more pigmentation in the skin. And this is why using exfoliating products is recommended for adults.


You can exfoliate the skin either during the mornings or night. But if you wish to do any anti-aging treatments on the skin just before bed, then it is a good idea to conduct the exfoliation during the night itself since the skin will have shed its dead cells, making it more receptive to such treatments.

Different Types Of Exfoliants

There are many different types of exfoliants, which include manual, chemical and electronic exfoliant. And depending on which one you choose to use, you will have the change the frequency of doing the process. For example, you can do an electronic exfoliation almost every single day, but manual and chemical exfoliations must only be done about one to two times per week.

Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, then you must be very careful of over-exfoliation. As such, it is recommended that you only exfoliate the skin only about twice a week. If you do it more than that, then there is a risk that the exfoliation might trigger the sebaceous glands to produce more oil, which will eventually result in more acne and related issues.

Bead Shape

When looking to buy an exfoliant, search for those which have rounded beads. And as far as possible, avoid exfoliants which comes with rough edged granules since using them can damage the skin.

Remove Makeup

If you have makeup on, then remember to remove the makeup completely before doing an exfoliation. You must also cleanse the face lightly after taking off the make-up. Only then will the exfoliant be effective in removing the dead skin cells.

Light Scrubbing

During the exfoliation process, you will have to keep scrubbing your face for a small period of time. And since it involves removing the dead skin cells, many people might think that a hard rub is necessary. But this is not true. Instead, you must only scrub gently while exfoliating. And if you do it in a rough way, then there is a real risk that you might end up damaging the skin.

So, keep the above points in mind when looking to exfoliate your skin. Plus, you can also visit the exfoliate blog, which provides even more information about the exfoliation process.

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