What Are The Different Wig Cap Types?

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If you want to start wearing women’s human hair wigs, you’ll need to know more than just the hair color you want. The process of choosing a wig also involves picking the right type of wig cap that is best suited for your needs. There are quite a few wig cap types with each all having their own benefits and drawbacks. We will take a look at some of these wig cap constructions below.

Full lace


Full lace wigs are a great option if you want an extremely natural looking human hair wig. These wigs use lace material throughout the base with the hair being 100% hand-tied. The result is a natural look not only in the front hairline, but throughout your entire head. Additionally, the hair will move just like real, natural hair while full lace wigs provide styling versatility as well as they can be parted and styled anywhere. This means you can wear a high ponytail with no worries. Full lace wig caps are generally long lasting, comfortable, lightweight and breathable, but can also be very expensive. They are a very popular option as far as wigs for white women go.

Lace front

Lace front wig

Lace front wig caps are similar to a full lace wig cap with the difference being in the name — lace material is only used in the front of the base. So while the front hairline remains natural looking and styleable, this isn’t the case for the rest of the base. Where the lace front trumps full lace is that it makes use of other material such as monofilament or poly which allows it to have more features such as increased durability and/or easier maintenance and installation/removal. And while it is cheaper than a full lace, it is not as lightweight or breathable given its increased durability. In addition, while it can be styled, one needs to take precautions particularly with the back of the head. High ponytails generally can’t be worn with this wig cap.

360 lace wig

360 lace wigs are a newer kind of wig with the base being made from a combination of machine made and hand-tied. This type of wig cap is similar to the lace front with the difference being that the lace material goes around the perimeter of the wig in the crown area. As a result, a high ponytail can be worn with this cap type owing to the lace material being present in the back of your head. The rest of the wig is machine-made. This wig cap tends to be more expensive than a lace front cap.

Mono top

A wig cap that uses a monofilament top in combination with a lace front adds more durability to the base overall. Additionally, these mono top wigs are breathable making it ideal for those with sensitive scalps while the mesh material provides the illusion of natural hair growth from the scalp as the hair is hand-tied into it. Monofilament caps, as a result, can be parted and combed in many directions allowing for many styling options. Along with this, having a lace front makes it a very natural looking wig option. It is also because of this that they can tend to be more expensive than a regular wig cap.


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