Swing Tips for Newbies: How to Swing Like a Pro

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Just got your swinging shoes out, but don’t know how to do it like a pro? Swing dancing can be extremely rewarding and fun, but to make the transition from newbie to a professional can be a little tricky and need a whole lot of practice. However, if you can’t wait to impress your peeps with the only few steps you know so far, here are a few tips and tricks to get down that can make any amateur seem like they know their swing!


Let your ears take the lead  –

The most important first step is to feel the music. If you can feel the beat, and move along with it – you have won the half battle!

Take some serious lessons –

The most important thing is to learn the basics. Lessons are an important part of learning the right thing, and doing it right. The more you will learn, the faster you can improve. Regular classes help to build your technique but even free lessons might be extremely helpful.

Go social dancing as much as possible –

It’s the best thing to help you build more confidence, try different partners, and just find your calling in swing dancing!

Listen to more music –

Listening to more music expands your ears! The more you listen, you learn about the different intricacies in different styles of music – the rhythms, getting the feel of different music, musicality, and song structures. Learn about jazz, bebop, blues, swing, and other genres of music.

Check out videos by the pros

Watching the actual pros and greats can help you build your own style. Watch Youtube videos, documentaries and  movies about dancing to stay inspired and add some signature moves to your arsenal.

Go to a Lindy Exchange

Head to the next Lindy exchange or a swing camp. Socializing can help to take your dancing to the next level while giving you a lot of real time practice. The rigorous sessions and workshops by advanced dancers can force one to up their ante when you are under the radar. And, a simple Google search and help you locate one happening near you. Your dancing is bound to improve by the end of the camp.


Learn a routine –

Learning a complete routine should be on top of your to-do list. It’s something that you can do on your own, it’s great practice and helps to learn about the details about the choreography. Not to mention, you can always be ready for an impromptu dancing session.

Learn both roles –

The key here is to pick up the whole routine – complete with the routine of the opposite role. It’s as important to know what your partner is supposed to do as it is do dance with different partners. It helps you improve your skill, appreciate team work and build a rapport.

Pick up moves from the greats, use them  –

It’s not just enough to learn basic moves and signature pro moves – It is also important to constantly use them to improvise. Use them regularly in impromptu choreography so that you can use them and make them a part of your own unique style when the time comes.

Learn the basic forms of Swing –

To be a pro you need to start with the basics – and the basic forms of swing. Make sure you know your Balboa from your Charleston to not come across as an amateur. Read up some history, which will help you imbibe the swing culture and improve your skills in no time.

Be Confident

Only confidence can add that poise to your dancing that separates pros from amateurs. Truth is the more you practice the more confident you will become with time. But, to make that quick leap always dance with a brimming self-assurance.

Pay attention to your attire

To dance like a pro, one needs to look like a pro. Wearing the right attire for your performances, or even social dancing can instantly make you look snazzier and more confident. It’s the main reason why pros are always ready with their dancing gear. Investing in a professional dance outfit might not improve your dancing skills but sure does build a perception of you as a pro.

Try sticking to these basic tips and in no time you shall let people think you started swinging years ago!

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