4 Things To Know When Cleaning A Curling Iron

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Many people use a curling iron to style their hair. But only a few actually take good care of it. As such, the curling iron gets damaged pretty quickly and it has to be replaced much earlier than expected. And if you own a curling iron, ensure that you take proper care of it by following the tips below.

4 Things To Know When Cleaning A Curling Iron

  1. Check If It Is Hot

The first thing to do is to ensure that the curling iron is switched off before cleaning it. The appliance should not be plugged into any port. Once switched off, let the iron cool off. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting burned from contact. You can start cleaning it when the appliance is warm, but it is recommended that you begin the cleaning process only when it is completely cold. Be sure to check on the curling iron reviews of your specific model to know whether it is better to clean it cold or warm.

  1. The Cleaning Process

The cleaning process of the curling iron starts by wiping it with a wet towel. Make sure to never dip the appliance into the water since it can easily damage the iron. Only wipe it with a wet towel. Instead of water, you can also rub some alcohol into it. This should take care of the loose dirt and debris. Next, you will have to focus on removing the hairspray from the appliance. Ensure that you thoroughly wipe the region under the clasp since this spot is very likely to have a thicker deposit of hairspray. Remember to clean the cord and handle of the curling iron. However, if there are vents in the handle, be very careful to not get any water through these vents. If any moisture gets inside through them, then the internal electronics can get damaged.

  1. Use A Toothbrush To Clean The Barrel

In some cases, the hairspray might be attached to the barrel very tightly. This is especially true if you have not cleaned the curling iron for several months. To remove them, it is advised that you use a small toothbrush. Apply some cleaner on the spots where the hairspray is tightly attached and then scrub the region with the toothbrush. This should remove the hairspray and make the curling iron clean and neat. However, if you see that the cleaner is not working too well, add some more baking soda into it to create a thick paste. When applied, the paste will stick to the iron, increasing the chances of removing the hairspray.

  1. Dry Off The Iron Properly

After the curling iron has been properly cleaned, you should dry it off completely before using it. There must be no moisture left on the iron. If there are any water molecules on the iron and you unfortunately switch it on to use it, there is a real risk of being electrocuted. So, wipe the entire curling iron after cleaning and keep it in open air for a few hours before using it. This will guarantee that there is no trace of any moisture on the curling iron.

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