How To Find The Rainbow Hair Color That Suits You Best

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What better time of year than Pride month to experiment with a bright new hair color? Or even more than one color?

According to a recent survey by All Things Hair, 79% of people express their sense of Pride through their hairstyle. If that sounds like you, then your local Pride event could be the perfect time to show off a new look. But how do you know which color will suit your skin tone best? By using the tips below, of course!

Rainbow Hair Color That Suits You Best

Beautiful Pride hair colors for dark skin

If you have dark skin with warm undertones, then it’s likely that deep red and reddish-purple hair colors will work best for you and allow your natural beauty to shine.

On the other hand, if your dark skin has cool undertones, then a more vibrant purple might suit you better – something closer to violet than a more reddish color.

If you have dark skin with neutral undertones, any shade of rich purple or red should look fantastic.

A quick word on undertones

If you’re wondering what we mean by warm and cool undertones, by the way, this refers to the color beneath the surface of your skin that shows through and effects your overall skin tone. Warm undertones are when you have peachy, golden or yellow tones to your skin. Cool undertones are more pink, red or blue. It’s also possible to have neutral undertones, which can be either a mix of warm and cool undertones or no undertones at all.

The best Pride hair colors for medium skin

If you have medium skin, then blues and greens will likely suit you. Bright, bold greens and blues will look superb if you have warm undertones, while turquoise and a darker, eggplant shade of purple can look fabulous if you have cool undertones to your medium skin.

Pride hair colors for fair skin

For fair skin, pale pastel shades work really well. If you have cool undertones, pale orange and pink pastels will likely suit you best, while blues and light purples will work better with fair skin that has warm undertones.

Additional considerations

Your skin tone is far from the only consideration when it comes to choosing the perfect Pride hair color. You also need to ensure that your hair color works well with your outfit, rather than clashing with it. And then there are your nails and accessories to consider, as those also need to work well with the color you choose. 

If you are attending a Pride event with friends, consider their looks as well as your own. If they are all planning red and purple hair colors, for example, then do you want to do the same or would you rather dye your hair a different color that stands out? Perhaps, if there are six of you going, you could coordinate in advance and each dye your hair one of the colors in the Pride rainbow flag!

Rainbow colors are also an option for your own hair. Pride is the perfect place to sport rainbow tresses. Just be sure to practice the look well in advance if you haven’t dyed your hair rainbow colors before. Alternatively, put yourself in the hands of a professional, as rainbow hair isn’t the easiest style to achieve if you are not used to dyeing your hair.

Remember, Pride hair is all about self-expression and creativity, so whatever color you choose, have fun with it!


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