Earrings are an item of jewelry that worn closest to your face. Consequently, they are small in size but make a big impact. The correct pair of earrings enhances your features. There is an enormous range of diamond earrings from which you make your selection. Fancy colored diamonds are most durable and solid substance that is not affected by temperature and humidity. Natural fancy colored diamond earrings are better when talking about class and elegance. They have an attractive simplicity that enhances your glamorous personality. Apart from these the natural fancy colored diamond earrings are versatile jewelry piece you can own.


The unique colors in stones are caused by different minerals within the compound element of the diamond. It depends on the origins of the stone where it forms minerals are present increasing the presence of particular color in certain areas. The color of diamond depend on the elements like Boron is for a blue diamond, Nitrogen is for yellow and hydrogen is for purple or violet, these colors are caused by the exposure of atomic radiation. Diamond earrings have bright shine and attractive simplicity.

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Flexibility makes natural colored diamond earrings very special. The important thing to remember while choosing the fancy diamond colored earring is the quality that is defined in 4 C’s clarity, cut, color, and karat. Fancy colored diamond is graded along with 3 different axis the hue (an actual color that is red blue or green), tone (lightness or brightness), the saturation (hoe strong and the weak color is). Pink diamond is the rarest color found in the family of diamond that is very unique and a high-quality stone.

A fancy diamond cut is very essential because the cut makes a diamond more beautiful and attractive. Diamond earring will shine brilliantly if the cutting of diamond is done effectively, clarity determines the number of flaws visible on it. Flaws reduce the loveliness and alter how to reflect light. Diamonds earrings are graded 11 or 12 present inclusions that is visible, their value is higher and particular in diamond earrings.

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