Karukinka’s Kojniken Sweater: Sustainability Meets Luxury

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At Karukinka, we believe that the importance of sustainable, ethical practices doesn’t mean compromising luxurious outerwear. When you make a Kickstarter donation towards our Kojniken Sweater, you’re supporting that cause and contributing to mass social change.

Our high-end apparel is crafted with the most sustainable materials in the local area of those who handcraft our goods. Our local workers, mostly women, live in Tierra Del Fuego within Chilean Patagonia. Due to their expertise in regards to the 100% natural fibres found in the area, they know exactly the materials that best fit our clothing line. These materials include 100%merino, baby alpaca, and llama wool. Our luxurious fashion line also includes Polartec state of the art fabrics and the utilization of YKK zippers.

What Makes the Karukinka Kojniken Sweater Different

It only takes one look at the Kojiniken Sweater to see what makes it an innovative product- combining sustainability with a high-end, fashionable design. The Kojiniken Sweater is crafted with the consumer in mind with its featured classic style and slim fit. This second layer garment is well tailored and focused on optimal mobility- making it the best choice for those regularly involved in athletics.

Additionally, this sweater is fit for any season or temperature. Polartec’s contribution to the design includes Power Stretch body and back for the chillier temperatures when better warming temperature regulation is essential. The athletic outdoorsmen will be able to enjoy their favorite activities longer with maximum comfort. Temperature regulation is improved upon wave panel knitted sleeves but this feature does so much more! These sleeves knitted in a wave panel also ensure unmatched durability irregular in comparison to Karukinka’s less fashionable, unethical competitors.

What Your Donation and Purchase Really Means

Karukinka puts sufficient and powerful efforts towards ethical standards and the push for the use of more sustainable resources. Your donation will greatly benefit our ultimate mission- the support of culture and the abilities of diverse peoples.

Our co-op centered in Tierra Del Fuego, Patagonia supports the training and teaching of the local people to produce the highest quality art and manufacturing. Our co-ops consist of a female dominated workforce- 98% to be exact. This demographic is at increased risk of both economic and social risks and your purchase of any Karukinka product helps make a difference in their lives. How?

Your purchase means a direct, supportive impact on the local population, contribution to the area’s local economy, and overall progressive step towards a more sustainable world. A purchase towards the Kojniken Sweater isn’t just a purchase towards a more stylish wardrobe, it’s a valuable donation to the lives of so many.

Thank You For Your Support

While we appreciate any donation that you can possibly give, we will provide a special reward to those willing to donate within any of our reward levels. You’ll gain access to things like special behind the scenes content, more fashionable Karukinka products, and a true look into the impact you’ve helped Karukinka make on the world.

Thank you for your consideration in becoming one of our Kickstarter backers! Your donation helps us to create a better world one product at a time.

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