Beauty of Beach Glass Jewelry

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Have you people seen the new trend of beach glass jewelry? You will be amazed by the art and the beauty of these unique art pieces. Beach glass jewelry and much in demand that are mend into beautiful jewelry that has high sales at the market as it attracts most of the ladies out there.

Sea glass jewelry is a reminder of the simpler time of our childhood where we would spend hours searching shore for that perfect shark’s tooth or shells. The hunk of the sea beads are found in beach glass can whisk us. It helps to re-live the memories vacation with our family and friends.


What is beach glass?

Beach glass is a piece of glass that has been weathered by the surf. These waves roll the glass back and forth until they have appeared to have a smooth frosted morsel of glass. They are also known as Sea glass or Mermaid’s Tears that is always found in a wide variety different shapes and color.

They are created mainly from various broken bottles and some other litter that is found as beach glass but has become increasingly rarer in past years. However, the demand for the sea glass has increased as these beautiful treasures are now being used in a much more fashion and artistic endeavors. To fill out this requirement, many different artists have started to begin the use of reproduction sea glass.

Beach found Glass

Beach drinks are mostly created in the large lakes and Oceans.  This treasure has a more frosted smooth appearance from afar. If you see it up close then, you will find that it contains some tiny deep potholes. These are some primary key characteristic of the entire beach found glass. You will also find some slight “C”s that are etched into the glass as well as some micro-fissures that tend to appear as the glass is toss against the sand rocks repeatedly. Another very vesicle indicator of the found beach glass jewelry is its price. Dealers will charge you a lot more for the found glass than for the reproduction glass.

Reproduction Sea Glass

Reproductive sea glasses are typically created in a rock tumbler, and these pieces of glass appear to be silky and smooth. From afar, they can easily resemble beach glass too. However, all these pieces will be devoid of the deepest potholes, fissures and the other “C” markings. These found beautiful glass and reproduction glass allows representing an artist with more flexibility in design. The most common colors of beach glass are white, brown and Kelly green. Due to rarity among all the other colors, an artist of color palette limit when using the found beach glass. Unlike the other entire beach found glass, reproduction sea glass may also give an artist the freedom to opt and choose the colors that are wanted in their designs.


Therefore, beach glass jewelry has such a high demand because of their unique and colorful beauty that attracts most of the people to opt for this kind of jewelry pieces.

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