4 Easy Tips to Maintain Your Jacuzzi

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If you got a Jacuzzi, then you need to go on a year round maintenance. You need careful upkeep of your hot tub to make sure it can be easily prepped for use. To make sure you have a effortless user experience, following are a few Jacuzzi Maintenance tips. Follow these tips for a seamless and enjoyable experience.


Know How It Should Be

You need to know what your Jacuzzi chemical levels should be. Keep watch for their levels, and if they are un-ideal, don’t rush! Keep your Jacuzzi chemical levels at 7.4-7.8 PH. In addition, make sure there is 1 PPM of Free Chlorine, 150-250PPM Calcium Hardness, about 2.0 Free Bromine and 100-120 PPM alkalinity.

Get a Professional

Hire a Professional to take a look at your Jacuzzi. He will evaluate any upcoming problem and fix it, thus saving you the trouble. In addition, he will also fix some smaller components, fix mirror parts, see the chemical levels etc. He may also advise you some tips to keep your Jacuzzi Top Notch.

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Change the Water Every Month

You may not use the Jacuzzi very often, but you need to make sure it stays free of germs. Also, you don’t have to set the purification system to purify water every day. Just make sure that the water doesn’t stay for more than a month. Check the water every month and change it.

Stock up on Supplies

In case you don’t know what to start with, have a word with your hot tub dealer. Ask him about chemicals, especially the one you need to keep everything in balance. You will also need a few accessories to keep the water clean for a while. Buy a hot tub cover and use it regularly. It will keep the water safe from just, not germs.


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