4 Step for How to Find Good Quality Birthstone Bracelet

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Natalie was once buying great birthday present for my mom and she occurred to stumble upon various present shops. But what caught my attention were the birthstone bracelets that she found online. The distinct personalized birthstone bracelet on line gave me the confidence that her mother will definitely like some of them.

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But Natalie how to find good quality birthstone bracelet?

Color;especially smaller ones, are often treated with heat to enhance the color; others can be synthetic or dyed to achieve that effect, especially in pieces available at a lower price point. In either case, these methods can make the stone “less durable than the real version,” so look into the make-up of your birthstone bracelet before you buy.

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Materials Used

Most bracelets are made of silver or gold plated with stainless steel as its base material. More expensive bracelets are made of 18 karat gold. It may feature an imitation or genuine gemstone as its design.

birthstone Bracelet

Basic sizes of Bracelets;

Small bracelet that consists of seventeen charm links.

Medium size contains eighteen charm links.

Large consist of nineteen charm links

You can choose to add more links or even subtract depending on the size you want that fits you right. But mostly they choose the medium size which consists of eighteen charm links.


These bracelets have become popular worldwide. This started in Italy yet you can see its popularity spreading worldwide. These bracelets are quite expensive since it is made of high quality stainless steel with 18 karat gold on the top.

But to make it more affordable to the consumer, manufacturers from all over the world produces similar bracelets using lower quality components to as to make it less expensive.


Prices vary on the quality of these bracelets. A bracelet made of high quality stainless steel and 18 karat gold is often bought on prices from $15 to around $50. You can expect to get it at less price if you get one of those of lower quality bracelets.

Go shop online and you will even find online stores that offer a “bracelet builder” page, where you are able to customize your own bracelets. You will choose the number of links you want and choose designs for your charms. Once you are done, you will see how the bracelet looks like.

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