When To & When To Not Wear Active Wear

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Every year brings fashion do’s and fashion don’ts. This makes sense if you think about it. Some trends take off while others are seems as being a little too farfetched to become staples of everyday wear.

Active Wear is designed for men and women who are interested in exercising. Active Wear leggings for women in particular can keep your legs warm and even provide a slight amount of shape. Being highly practical, it is no wonder they have become so popular among women. However, a growing trend has started where people wear Active Wear even when they are not being active. The end result is an interesting, if not perplexing fashion. Below we review when you should and when you should not wear Active Wear.


I. Exercise or Quick, Unprofessional Settings

There are a bunch of stereotypes and jokes regarding people wearing Active Wear when not exercising. If you want to know when it is appropriate to wear Active Wear, then consider any moment when you are actively exercising or preparing for an active session, you know it’s that moment when you are either starting off your workout with a pre workout supplement or just finishing a workout with a protein supplement mixed in your favorite fashionable shaker. Beyond that, you can sometimes get away with Active Wear for quick, unprofessional settings. For example, if you need to run your laundry from your apartment to a basement washer/dryer.

II. Can Send Mixed Signals

Wearing Active Wear out can send mixed signals. People may think you are exercising when you are not, and may give you weird looks if you wear it around, to do errands. Avoid the confusing stares by keeping the Active Wear at home.

III. Misses The Point

Active Wear is trending as a fashion statement in its own right. However, this ultimately misses the point entirely. If you want to look like you are fit and healthy, then wear Active Wear while exercising. Wearing it out and about doesn’t make people think you’re healthier than you may be.


Where Does That Leave Us?

Ultimately, it is your body and you can wear whatever you want. If you love Active Wear, then ignore the haters and wear it with passion! If however you are just following the fashion trend, then consider setting this one aside. While Active Wear can be amazing for exercise and physical exertion, it comes up short as a daily piece of your wardrobe. In the end, no amount of Active Wear will make people see you any differently. The only person ever worth impressing is yourself.

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