How to Spot Fake Jewelry

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Did you ever considered buying fake jewelry? If not, then maybe you bought some stunning piece of jewelry but didn’t cared to see even if it is real or not. If we have caught your interest somewhat, following are a few things that will help you spot fake jewelry.

spot fake jewelry

? You always need to check the jewelry if there is any stamp or hallmark. These indicate 9 carat, 14 carat, 18 carat and 22 carat gold. It also indicates 950 silver and platinum. So if it is there, this is a good sign.

? Are you buying online, if yes then does your seller have any original picture? If not, then at least make sure you buy from a well reputed company. If you don’t have a clear picture of jewelry, don’t buy it online.

? Even if you fail at the above mentioned, then at least see if the item you buy comes with a return policy. Ideally, you should have 14 days to return the product and get your money


? Jewelry brands always stamp their products with their respective hall mark. So you have to look for the names and simply look out for the type of stamp.

? Rhodium is used to plate. This Is the thin plate which is placed over silver and white gold

? To check if real, try using a magnet with gold, if that works, you don’t have gold. If it doesn’t, then you have real gold

? Take the ceramic plate test. Rub the gold against a ceramic plate. If there is something black, the gold is fake. In real goal, after the top falls off and the inside is gold, then you have the real deal.

? Check for stamp and see what it says, 10k,14k,22k or even 25k.

? Take the bite test, Gold is a soft metal so you will see the bit imprints.

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