Protect Your Accessories While Enjoying a Water Theme Park Adventure

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When summer arrives our thoughts almost automatically turn to water; to the pool, the lake or the ocean.  This is natural since what better counterbalances summer heat than a refreshing dip in the ocean?  And the place where you can enjoy both the summer sun while savoring the water fun is at one of the nation’s Sea World adventure parks.  There you not only learn and see the life of the many different things we only hear of on nature TV programs.  You also enjoy the thrills of the many rides and adventures a family can enjoy that are specifically designed to give you a thrill while cooling off at the same time.


I often treat my family to a Sea World theme park vacation trip using discounted tickets I get with a Groupon coupon or promo code.  I always make sure to advise the girls not to wear accessories that might be affected by water because there is no way they can avoid the splattering that goes along with many of the entertainment rides.  And of course, most of them ignore my advice.  After a few early experiences, I’ve learned to follow the expedient of bringing along sealable waterproof bags large enough to hold everything from a small tie stud to the fancy movie theme film earrings my wife wears whenever we go to a dinner show or theater event.  I put all these items in a bag that can fit in my pocket where they can be easily found and are safe from any potential water damage.  And they are right there handy when we go directly to a great restaurant for a meal after enjoying our afternoon at Sea World adventure.

That has become one of our favorite ways to spend a summer family weekend together.  We take off to enjoy an afternoon at a Sea World water theme park, where we can learn a lot while also enjoying thrilling rides and excitement.  Then we enjoy a good seafood dinner at the restaurant.  And we end the day either by watching a fireworks show or seeing a feature film.  Then we have our favorite ice cream special desserts before going home to bed.  It’s a great way to spend a summer weekend together.

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