Meet Lia Kees, One of the World’s Sexiest Women


Recognized for her hour-glass, super sexy body, Lia Kees is one of the world’s top leading fashion models and actresses. She has won several prestigious titles, including Miss Europe World Next Top Model 2016. Born in Kyrgyzstan, Lia started her career in 2009 as a fashion model in Prague, Czech Republic. From childhood, she had a keen interest in fashion industry and acting.

Lia always suggests living independently, which according to her is crucial to becoming successful in life. She has an Instagram account, where she regularly uploads the pictures of her glamorous and luxurious life, accompanied by fabulous accessories, magnificent interiors, designer bouquets and magazine shoots. She has also done the cover of many popular magazines, including Alex magazine and Playboy magazine. During the course of her professional career, she has worked as a professional model with a host of international brands. Due to her appealing body, she is getting popular on Instagram and other social media sites.


In answer to question what’s the best thing that happened to you, Lia Kees said: ‘’I had the chance to open my mind very early. This provided me with an opportunity to live a fully independent life at a very early age.’’ If you like her body and facial features, be sure to follow her on Instagram or visit her website to know more about her luxuriously lifestyle and achievements.


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