Would You Like to Attend Fashion Week? If You’re in the Industry You Can

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Every fashion lover’s dream is attending the Fashion Week. Great cities like New York, Paris, London and Milan, beautiful models, stunning new clothes, new trends, those are just some of the reasons why many people look for ways to grab their seat for the fashion week. But that’s not easy. You have to be in the industry, it doesn’t matter what exactly you do as long as your work deals with fashion and you have an audience. Influencer? Fashion designer? Journalist? You will always find people from these professions at the fashion week. But let’s see what you can do to get your hands on that golden ticket.


It has already been mentioned that you have to be from the industry. And that should go without saying. To be honest, no one expects a fireman in the first row by the podium. But, if you are an influencer, you can always apply for accreditation. The official pages for each of the Fashion Weeks usually have the section where you can apply if you are a blogger or an influencer. For example, during the British Fashion Council, there were bloggers and influencers but they had to meet certain requirements to get there. The rumor has it that one of the requirements was a minimum of 35k followers on Instagram, the other requirement was to have over 15k monthly viewers on blogs or at least 80k subscribers on YouTube. After all, it’s business and the more people you have the better.


This is a great way to get in even if you don’t have the audience or that line of work (influencing) isn’t your cup of tea. The Fashion Week gathers great designers, models, make-up artists, etc. and they always need some extra help. There can be no successful show without volunteers and therefore they are essential. Go over designer teams and inquire about volunteering. Rest assured that at least a few teams will be highly receptive and friendly. Also, you will be a part of the preparations for an amazing fashion show and you will have the chance to witness it all from backstage. Planning a fashion show is exciting but actually making it happen and watching it from backstage, that’s something special. Also, if you want to enter the fashion industry one day, it is worth noting that volunteering is a good way to acquire contacts and do networking.

Contacting PR teams

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do and how great you are at it, contacting designer to get you in probably won’t do the trick. And don’t blame them, they are really busy around the Fashion Week. However, you can contact their PR teams. PR teams deal with attendee lists before the runway shows. Not the designers. And do know that nowadays many designers have PR teams specially created for influencers, to be more precise, they manage the designer’s influencer invitees. So, that’s a plus if you happen to be an influencer. It is fair to say that the more people know you the greater the chance you’ll find yourself on that invitee list. But even if you’re not an influencer, you can inquire about the show but reach out to the PR team, not to the designer personally.


Freelancers, hear this out! Fashion Week is an event that’s perfect for you. Why? Well, if you’re running a fashion blog, covering Fashion Week is what will get you to the glory. It is also a great thing to add to your portfolio. It opens up opportunities for backstage access! Remember, offer your freelancing services to the designers and you might be selected to write a few articles. Also, if you don’t have your own blog, contact more prominent blogs in the world of fashion industry and ask if they need someone to write about Fashion Week. Who knows, you may end up getting there as a photographer or a journalist. Press accreditations are awesome, right?

Show up early

It’s not guaranteed that you’ll make it this way but it’s worth mentioning. A while back at London Fashion Week, the hosts allowed people without invitations to sit on the shows that weren’t overcrowded. This doesn’t happen often but it happened then. The only prerequisite here is to arrive early but it is a gamble. This usually doesn’t happen with renowned brands but it doesn’t hurt to try.


No matter who you are, sometimes it really pays off to sit down, think and think a bit. You might come up with a trick or a way to get yourself to the Fashion Week. The five ways listed above only confirm the last statement.

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