The Perfect Picnic Look

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It’s springtime and the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming and everything about the fresh outside air is begging for you to abandon the prisons of the inside world and enjoy what nature has to offer. Just because you haven’t been invited to lunch at the “Instagram-worthy” trending cafe, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to look good and take some pictures. Perhaps that cute guy from the coffee shop recently invited you to go on a small picnic date at the local park. Whatever the occasion, follow this simple guide to creating the perfect look for an outdoor picnic, and you’ll be looking as beautiful as the nature around you.

Just Tees and Jeans

Don’t go overboard with your look – you’re going to a picnic and not a red carpet event. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look cute while snacking on some mini sandwiches. Wearing a simple tee with a pair of dark wash jeans can look exceptional when done right. Put on a cute Christian T-shirt with a phrase like “blessed” or “choose joy” to represent your fun-loving demeanor. A colorful graphic tee is also a way to add character to your simple look. Let’s also not forget about tucking in a tee into a pair of jean shorts, the lovely little sister of the jean, which can be a good alternative if you’re invited to a picnic on a hot summer day.

Sundresses and Sunglasses

These two things don’t just have the word “sun” in common for no reason. One of the cutest ways to show up at a picnic is in a short yellow sundress, some sunglasses, and even a billowing sun straw hat to top it all of. Frame your face with a pair of vintage-inspired frames or cat-eye sunglasses, or whatever type that best fits your face shape or look.

Throw on a Pair of Cowboy Boots

You don’t have to know how to ride a horse or be from the big state of Texas to don an eccentric pair of cowboy boots. Slipping on a pair of these babies will give you a cute, country girl style, while also providing great support for your feet if you’re picnicking in a rocky area or somewhere that requires a bit of a walk to get to.

Bonus Tips: If you’re trying to get the perfect photo, here are some helpful notes. Every photographer knows that the background and the items in it can be a model’s greatest asset. Try positioning yourself by sitting on a wood table top or leaning against a tree to add some rustic charm and character to your photograph. If you need more greenery in your photo, you can sit down in a field of flowers or just lie in the grass with a picnic blanket for some extra color.

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