3 Quick Tips To Prevent Arthritis in Women

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Do you know more women suffer from Arthritis than men? This may be a surprising fact, but there are a few factors that seem legit. Women suffer more, and there are a few reasons for that. Following we are going to learn them and help to Prevent Arthritis.


Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Being obese contributes to Arthritis because the more pressure you put on your joints, the faster the wear out. Every extra pound is four times the pressure on weight bearing joints. Losing weight is an effective way to Prevent Arthritis. Doing so helps you to reduce stress on your joints and you takes away the workload. You can make small changes by adding more fiber and healthy foods to your diet. These changes are easy to maintain so you better take baby steps before doing something big.

Avoid High Heels

Women love to wear high heels, even if they ruin their health. Yes, you heard it right, wearing heels lead to joint problems. This is why arthritis is more common in women as compared to men. Men on the other hand like to invest on footwear based on its comfort, not the way for how it looks.

Perform Non-Impact Exercises

When you are trying to Prevent Arthritis, you better not do anything rash. This is why you need to keep your distance from high impact exercises. This won’t keep you way from the ailment, instead it will make matters a lot more worse for you. As we said, you need to take baby steps in the beginning. Avoid long distance running and soccer as they put a great deal of stress on your joints. You can switch up with easier tasks to Prevent Arthritis such as swimming and bicycling. It’s the smart move, and it pays off in the long run.

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