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Something-Nice, Wedding and Event planners from Manchester in the UK have provided their expertise on what concurrently is the most popular wedding aesthetic and theme at the moment, to make sure that your wedding will be the talk of the town after reading this article.

Rustic Weddings are in!

Rustic themed weddings are currently what’s ‘In’ at the moment, and it isn’t hard to see why;
a rustic theme is simple, yet eloquent and requires minimal planning to get the desired affect!
With a rustic wedding it’s incredibly easy to get the required props to enhance the chic and stylishness of the aesthetic.

Rustic tables and chairs are easy to attain, just look for anything that’s bare wood that looks vintage, there are a number of companies that hire the aforementioned items out for a minimal fee, such as Something-Nice.

The venue is also a big factor when accommodating a rustic theme, having the wedding in a place that compliments the theme you’re trying to attain will also help tremendously such as a barn or in the country.
The colour palates provided naturally by the country side and barns will no doubt contribute to the natural antique look of your rustic tables and rustic chairs.

So when looking for a potential venue, if you happen to see an old, wobbly, rickety barnhouse it just might  be the best venue destination for your rustic wedding!

Another reason why rustic weddings are currently all the rage at the moment is that they’re easy to stylise, theres no need to add cushions to enhance the look of the rustic chairs, they look incredible as they are! Empty jam jars double up as the perfect flower holder for a table centrepiece, unsure what else you should use as the centrepiece? How about a regular old log slice and a hessian table runner running underneath that? As far as rustic centrepieces go, that’s all you need and it’s completely in line with the theme.

As far as the lighting goes, fairy lights/ Christmas lights provide an intimate and warm lighting option for those who don’t wish to spend and arm and a leg, and these can be hung either as a backdrop or simply from the ceiling so go ahead and add a little twinkle to the festivities.

Hands-down the foremost reason that Rustic Weddings are taking the wedding world by storm is the fact that they are so inexpensive yet create an aesthetic that is in a lot of ways superior to more expensive options.

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