Tips to Hit the Pick of the Necklaces

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What a joy to see fashion without crisis in the air! It’s taken, but now we’re here at full steam and with content prepared for you. Accessories transform any production, but if you have doubts about how to choose and match dinosaur necklaces, let’s try to give ‘the way of stones’.


1 – The first step in choosing the necklace is to think about the neckline you want to wear. V-neck and U-neck are great for those who have big breasts. Already the canoe and fall cleavage necklines are perfect for those with narrow shoulders; this is because they increase the size of the shoulders.

2 – When combining the necklace with other accessories like earrings and bracelets, look to match the look with the pieces, after all, a pearl necklace combined with a pair of hippie style earrings does not work.

3 – Women with small structure can bet on the most delicate pieces that look good in silhouette mignon. What should prevail in any situation is common sense. The accessory with stones in exaggerated size ends up polluting the look.

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4 – But long necklaces for little girls work a lot when it comes to creating a longer silhouette. Small women, who want to look taller, should bet on long necklaces.

5 – The use of very delicate necklace on the mannequin woman above 44 tends to lose the highlight. It’s okay to opt for a slightly extravagant piece. For those who have large breasts, better to maintain the middle ground.

6 – Attention, people with short necks should not invest in maxi collars over their closed shirt and very tight chokers should also be avoided.

7 – Super earrings and super collars in a same production can ruin the look. Even those with a long neck should exaggerate this exaggeration.


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