All the Benefits of Digitally Printed Fabric for Visual Communication

The visual communication in digitally printed fabric is growing; after all, the substrate has characteristics such as high quality and versatility. Thus, it can be used in shop windows, stands, room decorations, events, among others. The great diversity brought by the fabrics allows obtaining the most varied results, besides allowing a communication with more lightness and beauty.

The panel of digitally printed fabric, for example, is gaining space for the decoration of different establishments, since its mixture of shapes, textures and colors makes it possible to compose any space.

Much of the visual communication market is moving to fabric because digital print applications can range from tarps to stretch fabrics. It is possible to use the substrate for indoor use, at fairs, and also for fashion.

Unlike traditional canvas panels, however, digitally printed fabric does not deform over time. Thus, it is possible to keep the decoration of the establishment always with a beautiful and quality appearance, extending the useful life of the visual communication.

In addition, the visual communication in digitally printed fabric is gaining ground for the sophistication, elegance, modernity and even sustainability that allows bringing to space. As a lightweight substrate, the fabric further helps to reduce transportation costs and facilitate application in decoration. Thus, the chances of the material being damaged are much lower.

Finally, visual communication on digitally printed fabric allows the use of more vivid colors. Thus, the substrate opens doors for businessmen in the segment to expand their operations. With the fabric, in addition to visual communication, it is possible to serve customers from various markets, such as decoration, fashion and architecture.

Usually, polyester is the most used fabric for this type of work. After all, it is a washable material, does not acquire permanent folds and still allows prints of prints and images in high resolution.

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