For the One’s Inspired by Modern Simple Beauty!

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The Baeology mission is to support every woman’s health journey by providing products that make them feel beautiful inside and out. Baeology knows that every woman is unique and so are her health goals. Whether you’re an athlete, a daily walker, a dieter, die hard shopper, or a tired mom, they are there for you! 

Baeology’s bottles

All of Baeology’s bottles were created with the end user in mind and fit in most cup holders, and features a modern slim design and European low profile lid developed for style without sacrificing function. The lid which has a hidden finger hold is perfect for busy women on the go. 

They are adorned with posh floral motifs and some are modern minimalistic so whether you want Boujee, casual, or something for the gym, they have you covered. 

We are highlighting them today because of their vision Provide health products that make women feel beautiful so they’ll continue taking care of themselves. 

They are running a $1000 Healthy is Beautiful Giveaway to support that vision including prizes like: Whoop, Nike, Lululemon, Magnolia, and Fabletics just to name a few. 

Enter to Win:

Giveaway Details:

$1000 Healthy is Beautiful Giveaway

Four (4) opportunities to win prize packages that will make your health journey more beautiful.

Prize 1

$100 Nike (Gift Card)

$50 Magnolia Market Necklace (Gift Card)

$25 Baeology Swag – Baseball Cap

$25 Performance Nut Butter (Shipped by Amazon)

Prize 2

$100 Lululemon (Gift Card)

$50 Alya Fit (Gift Card)

$20 baeology Swag – T-Shirt (Shipped)

$30 Nuzest Clean lean Protein (Gift Card)

Prize 3

$100 Fabletics (Gift Card)

$50 Bala bangles (Gift Card)

$50 baeology Swag -Leggings (Shipped)

$25 Nuun Hydration (Gift Card)

Prize 4

$300 Whoop 4.0 PLUS (12-month membership)

$85 baeology Swag – Shaker Bottle, Baseball Cap & T-shirt (Shipped)

We will draw our winners LIVE on April 5th, the day we launch our Baeology Kickstarter! Baeology Bottle will be shipped when it arrives from the manufacturer. For More Detail Visit Now:

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