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Having learned some modeling from her roommate who was a body painting artist who used MAC Cosmetics and worked with leading casinos in Las Vegas. Monica Yvette first was signed for modeling at the age of 14 at Model Match, Over the years, Monica has created a strong reputation in the industry and emerged as a highly sought-after model and brand ambassador by some of the world’s renowned brands.

Bio of Model Monica Yvette

As a model and brand ambassador, Monica has created an admirable portfolio working with brands like BMW motorcycles at Las Vegas, Straight Talk, Total Wireless, The Valentino Room, Gipsy, Ghostbar, Studio 54, Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, Bubbly Pepsi, The Hair Lounge, Mac Cosmetics, Maybelline, and L’Oreal.

Monica is driven by a strong belief that everyone is a brand in their own respect, yet fully aware of a brand’s impermanence. With this perspective, she stands out with an incredibly proactive personality and is continually seeking to discover and develop her abilities in different areas. She is most passionate about activism and connecting with people to form healthy, mutually beneficial relationships.

Bio of Model Monica Yvette

With a profile as beautiful as the one Monica has created, we can confidently state that she’s yet to reach the peak of her career, and one can only imagine what it’ll look like!

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