8 Styling Tricks and Shopping Rules to Consider While Purchasing Women’s Shoes

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For women, choosing a shoe that perfectly fits them has never been a walk in the park. There are various reasons for such occurrences. First and foremost, our feet change their sizes as we advance in age. The shoe that used to fit you ten years ago might not fit you anymore. The other reason is that shoe manufactures use divergent molds and measurements depending on the sizing for that brand or country.

For instance you cannot wear the same size of an American shoe as compared to an Italian shoe. Size charts are also not accurate in comparison to different brands. How can you be certain of getting a shoe that perfectly fits you without getting disappointed or living in pain? Here are the shopping rules and tips that will assist you when purchasing the ideal women’s shoes .


  1. Be conscious of your budget

It’s quite important to be disciplined on your purchases. For instance if you already own more than three pairs of high heels, do you need to purchase anymore? That’s quite unnecessary. Do not do impulse purchases. You should instead keep a list of the type of shoes that you are looking for and stick to that

  1. Befriend the sales associate

If you want to get the best deals, make friendship with the sales associate. They will assist you in trying to get exactly what you are looking for. At times, they can even give you a discount if you negotiate further. They can always alert you on upcoming sales. It is true that sales associates are always after commission but the most important thing to them is building a rapport between them and their customers in order to build a loyal customer base. If you get into that category, you will always be privileged of being informed of the latest fashions in town

  1. Consider wedges

Wedges can cause tendon injuries, stress fractures, sprains, neruromas, bone spurs, blisters, ingrown toe nails, hammertoes as well as bunions. Make sure that you have chosen a shoe that you will always feel comfortable on. If you want shoes that have a platform, ensure that such shoes have shorter heels. The wedges must also have a larger surface area; this is to ensure that your body weight is evenly distributed on the surface area for support

  1. Forget about trends

If a particular type of shoe doesn’t work for your body, forget about it. For instance ankle booties or shoes that have ankle straps can cut off your legs making them appear shorter. That’s not necessary for people with short legs even though that might be the latest trend

  1. Know your arch type

If getting a comfy athletic shoe is seemingly mission impossible, flat or high arches may be to blame. You must be able to identify your arch type. You can determine this by stepping on a wet piece of paper. For instance, if you’ve got a flat arch, you must be able to see most of your footprint. If you’ve got a high arch, the middle part of your footprint will be missing

  1. Act natural

Any time you are trying your shoes either while shopping or when you are at home, make an attempt to walk with the shoes while they are on your feet. At times you may feel that a shoe is comfortable only to experience some discomfort when you are walking around. Make an effort of standing or walking for at least ten minutes to get the correct feeling. This is specifically important for running shoes as well as high heels


  1. Know the best brands in terms of quality

There are quite a big number of shoe manufacturers; there are several brands globally as well. With online shopping today you can get all the information with a simple click. While it’s always tempting to try discounted brands of shoes online; it’s not advisable to go that route. It’s better off for you to stick to a brand that has been tried and proven. Make an effort of looking for true brands that are known for their quality as well as comfort.

  1. Avoid doing impulse purchases

Everybody loves shoes; at times it’s always tempting to buy gorgeous shoes that do not fit perfectly without even trying them on. This is always a big mistake since shoes that do not fit you perfectly will lead to damages on your legs. Such shoes will lead to discomforts and sooner such shoes will be discarded. They is no need of purchasing women’s shoes that you will not wear

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