The Modern Bomber Jacket: An Essential Fall Piece

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Fall is a wonderful time of year —the breeze you craved during the humid summer months is finally here, the holidays are approaching, and most importantly, it’s time to show off your fall wardrobe. The jackets collecting dust in the back of your closet all summer are now back in play and you are probably realizing it is time to update that selection. That’s what we are here for. Take a look below at our recommendations for the perfect jackets to add into your rotation. There are a ton of options to choose from, so we did the legwork for you and picked the freshest bombers on the market offered by

A slick black bomber jacket is an essential piece of any wardrobe. This modern design is versatile enough for formal events as a blazer replacement, or also a great option for warmer days if you just want to wear it open over a tee. The perfectly tailored athletic fit gives these bombers some serious edge and we guarantee you want to wear this all the time. Which is great news, because this black bomber will match well with anything you pair it with.

The clean ivory bomber is a perfectly minimalist style that is perfect for any big night. It’s clean, lightweight, and a perfect addition to the rotation. Make a statement by pairing this with dark pants and your freshest pair of kicks.

Want to turn heads everywhere you go? Rock this yellow bomber jacket and unapologetically be the most stylish person in the room.


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