Where Are Eustoma Flowers Widely Used?

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Lisianthus or also known to be called eustoma is famous for its beautiful shape of petals. Even the name itself is taken from ancient Greek words with the meaning “beautiful mouth.”

At one glance, it is normal to mistake this beautiful flower for its twin, roses. However, if you look at it closely, it is not hard to spot the difference between roses and eustoma.

Eustoma Flowers Widely Used

Isn’t It Roses?

Eustoma and roses are two different kinds of flowers. Eustoma flowers feature either single or double petals. On the other hand, roses’ petals usually have multiple sets of petals that make them seem layered. Besides, unlike roses, eustoma stems are not thorny. Lisianthus and roses also have very different shapes of leaves. Roses’ leaves are oval-shaped and sharply toothed. Meanwhile, eustoma leaves are soft and quite succulent-like. You can assume that eustoma flowers are softer compare to roses.

Isn't It Roses

After knowing the characteristics of lisianthus, you probably realize how commonly used this flower is. It’s easy to spot eustoma arrangements in various events you have attended or even events you have held before. 

Where Are Eustoma Widely Used?

Eustoma is known for being a premium cut-flowers, there is no wonder why people would like to choose eustoma to beautify their events.

Eustoma Widely Used

Even after being familiar with eustoma due to its popularity as decorative flowers, you might want to take a note about where are eustoma widely used. Because, when it comes to decorations, it’s normal to aim for perfection. 

Eustoma Flowers to Beautify Your Special Day

Eustoma cut-flowers are favored by florists for reasons. The first reason is that they are suitable for any season. Whether it’s a summer garden party or a luxurious indoor event, eustoma would be a perfect fit. The next reason is eustoma comes in a variety of colors. 

Their beauty never fails to grab attention, as they once peaked as the most loved flower for 15 years after the first time being introduced as decorative flowers. Whether for a tea party table decoration or graduation gifts, eustoma flowers will never fail to beautify your special day.

The Perfect Match for Eustoma

Eustoma is a native flower from Southern America. But, later after being introduced to Japan in 1970, eustoma gained mass popularity in countries around Asia. Singapore is no exception. Until today eustoma never fails to charm people with its beauty. 

The Perfect Match for Eustoma

If you are looking for a flower delivery Singapore -based, it’s better to choose ones with various options of eustoma bouquets and arrangements. Even though the more choices you have might lead to confusion, you don’t need to worry because there is always a solution.

Eustoma comes in various colors, such as purple, white, pink, and plenty more. Each color has its meaning and after learning about the message each of them represents, it will be easy for you to find the perfect combination.

  • What’s the Perfect Match for Pink Eustoma?

The one with the most romantic meaning, pink eustoma often being chosen as gifts between lovers. Few flowers would perfectly match pink eustoma. One of them is pink hydrangeas. Pink Hydrangeas represent heartfelt emotions, so that makes a bouquet of pink eustoma and pink hydrangeas would be lovely as a gift for your loved ones.

Another flower that might suit pink eustoma is their famous twin, roses. Pink roses carry a similar meaning as pink eustoma, its romantic admiration, and joy. You could also choose red roses since the red color of their petals would compliment pink petals of pink eustoma. Whether as bouquet or table arrangements flowers, these combinations would perfectly fit any event.

  • What’s the Perfect Match for Purple Eustoma?

The mysterious feeling and attractive charms of purple eustoma are not something you can easily ignore. Known as the symbol of nobility and royalty, a bouquet of purple eustoma might seem quite luxurious. If you are going for an elegant combination, aster would be an exceptional complementary. But if you are looking for something contrast, yellow tulips would be great. In contrast to the mysterious purple eustoma, yellow tulips symbolize hope and cheerful thoughts. It’s a unique yet charming combination.

  • What’s the Perfect Match for White Eustoma?

The perfect color to represent innocence, white. White eustoma is usually used in arrangements to decorate wedding receptions. But it’s also suitable for varied occasions. Because white is a very neutral color, the combination possibilities are endless. However, gerbera daisy would make a lovely combination. Gerbera daisy is a very colorful symbol of innocence.

  • What’s the Perfect Match for Orange Eustoma?

Bright and vivid orange eustoma would bring positivity to the room. But contrary to white eustoma, orange eustoma would easily cause disharmony if you pair it with unsuitable flowers. Orange is such a warm color. Therefore, other warm colors like yellow lilies. White lilies also would make a great combination. Because there will be a balance created between the stunning orange eustoma and calming white lilies.

Perfect Match for Orange Eustoma

Being famous as decorative flowers for various events, eustoma flowers are also suitable as house decorations. With a variety of colors, personalizing your own flowers arrangements would be a very relaxing process. All the work needed is just picking which eustoma flowers that suit the house aesthetics, and enjoy the beautiful display.

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