How to do Makeup like a Professional

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Every woman wants to be beautiful and look attractive and majority of woman spend hours trying to look best. Every girl has desires to looks perfect, modern makeup. With perfect makeup we can hide wrinkles, black holes and dark circles that appear on the skin most of girls. Many of us can do perfect makeup. But majority can’t do it without the help of professional. Professional knows many makeup tricks and they give totally different look.


Before you start makeup, first and important thing is that use cotton piece and clean your face, neck with face cleanser. This is very important step that do every professional before makeup start even the person also clean his/her face. These toners remove the dust and germs particles on face.


Girls are very worried about their dark circles or faded areas on their faces. They should use best quality bases, liquid bases to hide their faded areas of face. Use that base which color is match with your skin should not be lighter or darker.

Eyeliner is very essentials part of cosmetic. It gives you glamorous look that makes you very attractive and will become prominent. Now a day, many types of eye liner are ahead in markets but eyeliner pencil is best choice.

Another important step is to fill the eye brow. Fill it with appropriate color that is slightly lighter to your skin color.

If someone has short eye lashes, use mascara to enlarge it. Varieties of mascara with different colors are available in market. You can use different colors of mascara but black is best or appropriate.

If you are working women try to use light shades of lipstick that’s gives you natural look. You may use more than one color to create a desirable color if you don’t have it.

Use the glowing shades of blush on that gives natural glowing skin. One more thing, blush not only gives you color but also represent your check bones.

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