5 French Fashion Tips To Dress Like A French

Dress Like A French

If there is a category of fashion girls that is always a source of infallible inspiration, it is the French. No matter the season and no matter the occasion, the French style will always be one of our favorites to steal. And it’s no wonder that the fashion there is so famous, and neither is it today that the French are experts in dressing elegantly without seeming to have had the least effort. From big names like Coco Chanel to fashion bloggers like Jeanne Damas, they will always be at the top of our list of inspirational muses.

Dress Like A French

And for you to also incorporate the French style in your productions and compose winter looks worthy and totally approved by the French girls, we will tell you 5 infallible French fashion tips about how to bring a little bit of the Parisian air to its looks and to waste style as well as the French ones they do. It’s easier than you think, look,

  1. Stripes + jeans

It is the favorite and definitive style pair of the French girls. It’s simple, no secrets and ultra stylish.

  1. A trench coat and any part that combines

The trench coat is a trademark of the winter looks of the French. So any piece that matches the coat is a sure investment in the closet.

  1. Match a neutral palette

For the French, less is more. So choose the neutral colors – which go with everything – and keep the minimalist accessories. If you think something is missing, add a red lipstick.

  1. Dispose the high left

To channel your French interior, take a break from the heels and invest in looks with flats. The French are very fond of comfort and the low shoes are their favorites, even in the most formal looks.

  1. Leave the look with an air wide long

The half messy hair, oversized items or a hi-lo composition with men’s pieces are indispensable tricks for the perfect French look.

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